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Mass Communication Final Paper

Play Review: The Lifespan of a Fact

The Spiral of Silence Theory

How do we decide which media sources we can trust?

Enjoying My Home Grown Greens

My Former ‘Zine and Mail Art Days

Attempting to Protect the Vulnerable from Violence

Speaking of the Lime Green News and studying other cultures…

Gauguin was a zine publisher! Who knew?

The Film “Good Night and Good Luck” and Theories of Propaganda

Mass Society Theory Still Influences Media Use in the Contemporary United States

I am a Gorlok!

A Little Unintentional Garden Humor

Operation Clean Stream 2019 on the Meramec River

What is Eating My Mustard Greens?

Applique Projects with Printed Canvas

Make a Rustic Message Center

Make Nautical Thank You Cards

Make a Wood Storage Crate

Drainage Problems Are Bringing Tom and Me To Court

“Is that a weed?”

“John/Daddy, John/Daddy, John/Daddy!”

Adventures in Buying Dirt

Make An Adult Coloring Book From Scrap Paper and Stencils

Tutorial – Image Transfers on Wood Jewelry

Reverse Applique Easter Apron

The Right Plant in the Right Place…

Gardening, Larry McMurtry and Henry David Thoreau

Art Journaling With Stencils and Image Transfers

Experimenting With Some Flavorful Leftovers

Celebrating Love As A Verb With Wedding Greeting Cards

A Christmas Project That Turned Into a Valentine Project

Crew Interview – Carolyn Hasenfratz

Make a Table Runner With Printed Canvas Squares

Nautical Alphabet – Initial Flag Banners

Fun With Silk Flowers

How Much Is A Tree Worth?

Make a Shadow Box from an Old Drawer

Ring Bearer Pillow Made from Upcycled Wedding Dresses

Combine Collage and Letter Stickers to Make Initial Letter Charms

Sew a Pillow Front From Selvage Pieces

A New Beginning in a New Garden

Make a Wood Plant Tray

Making Signage From Letter Stencils: Part 1

How many of those Pinterest projects have you made? #2

Introduction to Letterboxing – Part II – Making a Personal Logbook

Introduction to Letterboxing – Part I – Carving a Personal Stamp

Crop Circle Necklaces

Mixing Brands in Vintage Inspired Handmade Journals

I Have Planted My First Letterboxes!

Give Your Mason Jar Gifts a Beachy Look

Introduction to Scrapbooking

Make Suet Cakes for Outdoor Birds

Exploring Where Art and Science Meet at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center

Embellish a Bookmark by Hand-Sewing Fabric

Make a picture frame from scrap wood

My Entry for the Canvas Corp Brands January Challenge

Make St. Patrick’s Day Cards

Making Greeting Cards From Scrap Papers

Schnarr’s Hardware is now offering DIY Classes!

Self-help techniques for depression

Making Holiday Centerpieces From Natural Materials

Christmas Craft Bender – Part 2

Tips for Removing Invasive Honeysuckle

Finally Finished My New Year Cards!

Decorate Gift Packages with Stencils and Chalk

Christmas Craft Bender Part 1

Holiday Table Runner With Wired Burlap Ribbon

Fun Demos at JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts – Pom Poms, Tassels and Ornaments

Strategies for Maintaining My Garden Through the Winter

Fall Table Runner with Wired Burlap Ribbon

Adventures in Indoor Horticulture With Rich Reed

Book Review: “My Crazy Life Stories from A to Z” by Marilyn Linkul Winka

Textured Backgrounds For Fall Leaf Greeting Cards

Using paint as a background for journaling pages

Making Fun and Useful Things From Recycled Materials

Upcycling with scrap fabric, trim, buttons and beads

Stamping and Printing with Found Objects

More Pop Art – Poop Emoji Patch and Pillow

Disguise Problem Spots with Containers

Heisenberg Pillow

Let’s Purge the Spurge! Part 1

Handmade greeting cards with geometric designs

Make Laundry Soap from Recycled Soap Scraps

Upcycled Tool Belt

Help – My Pond is Full of Algae!

Make a Storage Box Out of Recycled Mat Board

Aquatic Macro Invertebrates at Litzinger Road Ecology Center

Mixing Different Paper Crafting Brands Together

Bringing color into a shady spot

A Comparison Between Emotional Abuse and Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”

MSD’s Project Clear and Our Local Water Issues

Fun at Perennial – a place, not a plant

Do you have discarded woody plant material? Try making a Bonsai!

My New Planner Layout

How to Raise Mealworms For Your Backyard Birds

New Electronic Display Installed At Schnarr’s Hardware Webster Groves Store

Make Old Wax Candles Into New Candles

Lots of Activities at the Maplewood, MO JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts Store

How to Transplant Herbaceous Plants

Make Four Different Valentine Cards

My Handmade Greeting Cards are Available at Schnarr’s in Ladue

A Couple of Common Problems with Trees

Displays That Pay Live from Startup Connection!

Prairie Restoration at Litzinger Road Ecology Center

A Selection of Mom’s Articles

Recipe: Kombucha Cocktail

How to Harvest and Dry Herbs

Bulb Planting and Care Tips for Fall

Skeleton Key Necklace

How I Use My Garden for Self Care

Book Review: “Why Does He Do That? Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men”

Do you recognize any of these suspects? Metrolink attack on 09/27/16

Book Review: Birdies, Bogeys, & Bipolar Disorder

Displays that Pay live at the Murmuration festival!

Build a Mosaic Plant Stand

Creative Arts Fellowship at DaySpring School of the Arts

Stencil a Sofa Shelf Made From Distressed Wood

Volunteer Work at Artists First Studio in Maplewood

Book Review: “Surviving a Shark Attack (On Land) – Overcoming Betrayal and Dealing With Revenge” by Dr. Laura Schlessinger

Recipe: Herbed Up Melon Salad

Fit and Healthy on Route 66: Two Sections of the Lower Meramec – Part II

Recipe: Carrot Soup With Herbs and Wild Greens

Fit and Healthy on Route 66: Two Sections of the Lower Meramec – Part I

Make a Pollinator House – Part 2

Fit and Healthy on Route 66: Operation Clean Stream at Ozark Outdoors in Leasburg

A Couple of Quick and Easy Recipes

What To Do If You Find a Bird That Needs Help

You’d Be Happy Too If You Could Eat What Bugs You!

Decorate a Terra Cotta Plant Pot with Acrylic Paint and Stencils

Some Favorite Easy-to-Grow Plants

Schnarr’s can help out with your camping trip checklist!

Start Some of Your Spring Planting Right Now! Part 3

Make a Seed Packet Bouquet

Master Gardener Training Program Volunteer Activities

Spring Faux Postage #2

How to Grow Potatoes

Displays That Pay Announce SHOWCloud for the Office

Having plant problems? What to know before you shop for a cure

Joys of Spring Challenge

Seed Saving and Trading

Test your soil now to assess your fertilizer needs

Impatient for home-grown greens? Try some sprouts!

Start Some of Your Spring Planting Right Now! Part 2

Easter Card Tutorial

Making a Pollinator House – Part 1

Biodegradable Easter Basket Tutorial

Create a Moist Microclimate for Your House Plants with a Humidity Tray

Flowered Card in Shades of Blue

Choosing Plants for Winter Interest

Make a decorated seed packet

Winter Care of an Outdoor Water Garden

Book Review: “A Thousand Acres” by Jane Smiley

Plant Milkweed Now to Help Monarchs

Book Review: “Into Thin Air” by Jon Krakauer

Start Some of Your Spring Planting Right Now! Part 1

Spiced Coffee Soap Bar

Schnarr’s Hardware is launching a new gardening newsletter

Garden Update – Results of Condo Association Building and Landscaping Committee Meeting

Native Plant Seeds

New Year Card for 2016

Luminous Decor with Flameless Candles: Idea #3

Christmas Journaling and Icebreaking Activity Cards

Luminous Decor with Flameless Candles: Idea #2

Fit and Healthy on Route 66 – Rogers Parkway to Memorial Park


Fit and Healthy on Route 66 – Castlewood State Park

Garden Update – Results of Condo Association Board Meeting

Displays That Pay Releases SHOWCloud for Interactive, Multi-Channel Displays

Is it possible to have a permaculture garden when you live in a condo complex?

A Road Trip Journal for Dad – Part 2

Fit and Healthy on Route 66 – West Tyson County Park

Make a Mini Album – 4 1/4 x 4 3/4 Inches

Make a Shadow Box Ornament

Scrapbooking with Memorabilia

Are Starlings Taking Over Your Bird Feeders?

Invigorating Melt and Pour Soap Bar

Handmade Birding Journal

Interview with Maplewood Gardener Rich Reed

Gardening for the Birds

Make a Soft Dia De Los Muertos Skull

Mark your calendars! Upcoming events

Kitchen Backsplash Project Part III – Filling in the Tile "Murals"

Kitchen Backsplash Project Part II – Beginning Work on the Walls

Kitchen Backsplash Project Part I – Introduction

Fall Garden Cleanup

Lasagna Gardening

Upcycled Butterfly Feeder

Make a Garden Sign Out of a Recycled Produce Crate

Decor Idea Book

Garden Maintenance in Wet Weather

Terra Cotta Mosaic Planter

Stencil a Wood Garden Sign

Make An Insulator Votive Candle Lantern

Route 66 Gasconade Bridge

Upcycle a Metal Tin with Decoupage

Using My Sketchbook as a Planner

Recipe – Salmon and Vegetable Casserole

New Recycling Guide for St. Louis County, Missouri

Making Convertible Bracelets

How many of those Pinterest projects have you made?

How to Start a Blog

Craft Fair Checklist

Two applications that are making me even more outdoors-mad than I am already!

Fit and Healthy on Route 66 - Fort Bellefontaine County Park

Fit and Healthy on Route 66: Carondelet Park

Fit and Healthy on Route 66 - Laumeier Sculpture Park

How to Make an Event Promotion Checklist

The Importance of Consistent Branding Across Channels

Templates for Tent Cards

Is an E-Newsletter in Your Future?